CodeNow’s College Readiness Day

Recently CodeNow hosted its first “College Readiness Day” for program alumni with the support of Georgetown University and iStrategy Labs. Throughout the day guest speakers shed light on the mysteries of college. Dean Louison from the McDonough School of Business spoke about college life and gave advice on how to succeed. Joy Dingle, associate director at the Institute for College Preparation, spoke about getting prepared early, what colleges look for, and financial resources available. Jami Montgomery, associate professor of Computer Science at Georgetown, really connected with the students as he spoke about his humble background and the enormous benefits to a career path in computer science.

In the afternoon, Peter Corbett, founder of iStrategy Labs, gave an inspirational talk on entrepreneurship. He shared his early struggles and how he found success, giving students insight into starting a company from the ground up. Of course, no day with CodeNow goes without learning something about coding, so later on in the day Jeff Casimir, founder of JumpstartLab,taught  students  to use Arduinos kits to build a “guessing game”. Students programmed the answers to correspond with LED lights, so if the number was right the light would flicker green. If the number was wrong the light would flicker red.The day was a huge success! The students walked away with a better understanding of what’s involved in applying for school and we were thrilled to see their excitement about what a career path in computer science could mean.Special thanks to iStrategy Labs, JumpstartLab, Georgetown and Carlos Cheung and Andrew Moreno both students at Georgetown without them the day would not have been possible.  











December 11, 2012 | 11:58 pm

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