Ready to train the next generation of programmers? If you’re looking for a way to make a difference using your coding skills and experience, apply to be a volunteer! This is a unique opportunity to draw on your expertise and give back to the community. For more information or inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Volunteer FAQs

What kind of technical experience do I need?
CS degree or related field; or 2 years of professional programming experience

Do I need to know Ruby?
It would be great if volunteers have Ruby experience, but it is not necessary. One third of our volunteers do not know Ruby and have found the experience of picking up a new language rewarding.

Do I need to have experience teaching or working with youth?
Teaching experience is helpful to have but not necessary. We provide all our volunteers with a training session and manual detailing best practices for working with our students and our curriculum.

What time commitment do you ask for?
Our workshops take place on the weekends and consist of three sessions each (a Saturday and Sunday consecutively, plus an additional Saturday or Sunday two weeks later). We prefer that volunteers commit to at least two sessions, and if possible, all three sessions. This helps keep students motivated and engaged. In addition, first-time volunteers are required to attend a training session and review all teaching materials beforehand.

What time do the sessions take place at?
Weekend training sessions start at 9am and end at 4pm. We request that volunteers arrive half an hour to an hour before for set up and remain for 30 to 45 minutes after for a debriefing. It is incredibly important that all trainers arrive on time in order to ensure the success of the workshop. Please remember this!

What would my responsibilities as a volunteer trainer be?

  • Attend a trainers’ training session (in-person or virtual using Google Hangouts)
  • Review the curriculum and read the trainers manual beforehand
  • Lead your group of 6-8 students, helping them work through the curriculum and keeping them engaged
  • Provide feedback by filling out the volunteer survey
  • Have fun!